"When we get into social amnesia - into forgetting our history - we also forget or misinterpret the history and motives of others as well as our motives. The way to learn of our own creation, how we came to be what we are, is getting to know ourselves. It is through getting to know the self intimately that we get to know the forces that shaped us as a self. Therefore knowing the self becomes a knowledge of the world. A deep study of Black History is the most profound way to learn about the psychology of Europeans and to understand the psychology that flows from their history. If we don’t know ourselves, not only are we a puzzle to ourselves; other people are also a puzzle to us as well. We assume the wrong identity and identify ourselves with our enemies. If we don’t know who we are then we are whomever somebody tells us we are." —The immortal OG Dr. Amos N. Wilson (The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness," Afrikan World InfoSystems, New York (1993) p. 38)

Boondocks, "The Hunger Strike" [Banned from TV]

Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's the Dawning of the Age


The imperialist build up of the police state will usher in the need for raw, overt forms of public control & social management to handle an increasingly volatile, informed populace as the "Age of Aquarius" or "Age of Enlightenment" dawns. Those who are said to be wise teach, that this is the age where the masses of humankind will be awakened to divine truth, and universal understanding.* This is the information age during which womb-men and men will be most inclined to open their third eye mechanisms through exposure to information of all kinds. Accessibility and exposure to information about spirituality, science, law, society, politics, economics, etc… will become relentlessly transparent. The masses will have access to what our ancient ancestors termed deep knowledge as encoded in the 'MTU NTR' and the idealization of which is symbolized by Her-Em- Akhet.

This is the essential dilemma faced by the imperialist, elitists, who seek greedy dominion of the world’s people and resources. The imperialists fear that the masses of people will become awakened to the truth and begin to challenge the lies and eventually overturn the tightly regulated system that keeps us as slaves. Hence, the masses of people must be overtly, managed and controlled before this epoch has the effect of dismantling their power structure. This is the big push behind increased surveillance measures, national id cards, the expansion of prisons, net neutrality, RFID technology, the chip, etc.. all of which essentially amounts to the rise of the fascist police state to maintain the status quo.

The “Brave New World” social management scenario under which we currently live will not necessarily completely change but will in fact incorporate many aspects of the “1984” type scenario as the police state is implemented. Social engineers have traditionally relied on disinformation/spin campaigns, entertainment mediums, social/medical drug use, faith in ‘politics’ (electoral voting system), division-ism (class structures, racism, etc…), to pacify/distract the people into contentment, acceptance, submission and ignorance of their slave status. Hip hop itself has become a trance medium (that blocks out higher thought frequencies) for promoting hyper sexism, hyper materialism, black on black violence, etc… to exacerbate and maladjust the development of Afrikan people. These forms of pacification will increasingly become ineffective as the frequencies of this new age begin to resonate stronger and stronger causing people to become more intelligent. In fact, It is likely that the massive build up of prisons that occurred courtesy of Bill Clinton’s administration (jokingly referred to as the first black president by the naive) was done in anticipation of this phenomena**. Social engineers will seek to co-opt and arrest the universal forces that will naturally incline the hip hop community and the global populace towards a higher socio-political consciousness by relying on gross, authoritarian methods.

The imperialists are hoping that this period of pacification will buy them the time to usher in these police state measures before their power is compromised and or threatened by our growing intelligence. As of recent, African people have been given significant purchase power after 400 years of slavery and Jim-Crowism (largely through the mechanism of debt) as a means of distraction. The imperialists intend to use this period of distraction to further develop and improve overt mind control technology to guarantee and economize their continued exploitation. We have in a sense, been thrown a bone by the burglar in preparation for him to rob the house of all it’s valuables.

The goal of this age was to keep us from knowing. The goal for the new age will be to prevent us from being able to doing anything, in-spite of knowing. In other words, many of us will be awakened to the truth, but the control measures that are being developed have the potential to prevent us from taking action.

In the foreseeable, near future, the police state will be the moderating force that prevents men from taking action in spite of knowing. The police will appear more like the army as it is known today while the army will be greatly downsized and converted into an elite group of highly specialized forces. Police will continue to have access to modern weapons and full sanction to kill in the name of protecting the elitist white power structure.

In the meantime, read, read, read, educate others and learn from others. Stay tuned!!!

*It is no coincidence that the internet (information sharing) has materialized upon the dawning of this new era.

** The imperialists have obviously adopted a take no chance approach in engineering social policy, as they were caught off guard by the mass politiation of the black populace throughout the 1960’s.

“Be alert, look alive, and act like you know”


Brother Okra

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Beyonce’s Toy Soldiers


When Beyonce (Destiny's Child) sings that she needs a soldier it’s absolutely certain (but no fault of her own) that she is not envisioning the type of soldier that epitomizes revolutionary struggle or progressive change and action. In fact what many now carelessly refer to as “gangsta”, “G”, or “thug”, are largely distorted bastardizations of the divine warriorhood concept. These cartoonish gangster depictions are falsifications that bear slight resemblance to the genuine warrior or gangster articles, in fact and in principle.

Slavery robbed us of our warrior traditions and in turn the institution of protectionism by which men collectively organized themselves to defend and provide for their communities. The collective protectorate unit is a macrocosm of the masculine, head of the household or head of the family structure from which many of us in America have departed from. The gangster spirit is a modern incarnation of this ancient, undying, warrior spirit, which has not been given room for proper development, or validation for its cause of existence. It is by divine cause that certain men are naturally endowed with warrior qualities & abilities to protect their sovereignty and inalienable rights. Willie Lynch not only robbed the black man of the traditional role as father, protector and provider but it also has failed to provide a substitute role for the black male to channel his warrior energy, positively. While beyond the scope of this discussion, the capitalists have exploited these circumstances and created the prison industrial complex to nullify, manage, corrupt and profit from the misuse of the warrior spirit in service of white supremacy and domination.

The type of soldier that Beyonce propagates is really a toy soldier without a warrior consciousness.* The term soldier is by itself a misnomer used by the toy soldiers to project themselves as being more serious and disciplined than they really are. It’s used to amplify their own sense of self worth & perceived power. Soldier Boy, Soldier Slim, the No Limit Soldiers, the Boot Camp Click**, the G-Unit, etc… are not capable of presenting a line of defense against racist oppression much less defending the simplest moral gangster principles. For instance, 50 cent claims to be a vindicated gangster, yet every time he’s asked to comment on a political issue (of sorts) he advances a token, house nigga, jiggaboo assortment of responses that resonates with the imperialist agenda. I’m not a Hip Hop conspiracy nut but 50 cent possesses the obvious characteristics of a CIA operative, Cointelpro agent. Every week he finds a new rival to promote community conflict and black on black dissension. Even his most recent rival (of sorts) Kanye West is contrastingly simple, non threatening, (and depicts himself on his albums as a teddy bear with a chic-esque backpack) yet has stood tall and confronted real power in the spirit of genuine fearless gangster attitude while 50 cent is muscled up and ready to only fight his own brothers.

Toy soldiers are equipped with standard (socially imposed) uniforms of big jeans, big shiny belts, big loud /colorful hoodies (or oversized white t-shirt dresses), big construction boots, and oversized fitted baseball hats stuffed with colorful bandanas . Some even wear bullet proof vests. Toy soldiers ideally aspire to drive big imposing trucks/“V’s” (or Dodge Magnum station wagons which are quickly becoming ‘hip hops’ official car). In an actual war scenario these toy soldiers would not be able to effectively mobilize or execute any plan of action much less defend an attack because they’d be tripping over their big saggy pants (or busy pulling them up) and unlaced boots, and t-shirts.*** The community would not be able to depend on them because these cartoon thugs would have a hard time even defending themselves. The racist vigilantes would catch them and hang them by their own “chain hang low”. They’d be out of breath from all the weed smoke and Hennessy. Their shiny belts, and loud hoodies with all the glitter would be too colorful to camouflage them.

The current form of BET/MTV type thug glamorization is a delusional theatrical existence in which material props are used to exert the fantasy or illusion of power. These rugged material externalizations or props are part of a false defense mechanism used to psychologically balance the lack of genuine power. Everything has a militant aesthetic and is subconsciously BIG to amplify their own sense of importance (or projected sense of power).**** This aesthetic reveals a deep inherent inferiority complex, and the limitation of power (or weakness) inherited through slavery in what I call “post slavery defeatism syndrome”. The soldier aesthetic essentially seeks to compensate for the historical frustration and lack of power in the ability to bring forth meaningful structural changes in the socio political dynamics of global white supremacy resulting in a puffer fish psychology. It is merely a bluff game aimed at the white power structure and a defense mechanism to ward off or intimidate other fake gangsters. The inability to effectively project power outward towards the white power structure often results in a frustrated need to focus these energies inwards towards the only accessible, weaker, manipulative subjects within the community/nation including women, weaker men, seniors, nerds, etc...) but most importantly the self. The powerlessness of the toy soldier leads to self/community corruption as he seek to exploit & secure access to the limited, internal, petty- resources within the community. Simply stated Black men have not been shown how to create genuine power so we fake it (by exaggerating and exploiting the limited power resources available to us). In the process the gangster seeks to emulate the assumed characteristics of those percieved to be genuinely powerful.

BET/MTV, “urban radio”, Don Diva, (corporate hip hop in general) are largely responsible for propagating the distorted, narrow gangster script by which aspiring black men are naively programmed and socialized to assume the role of the glamorized, fake gangster. The mass media has used it’s power of influence to redefine and give the impression that the gangster is some kinda pimp cup holding, loud, ostentatious, morally decadent social parasite. We are led to believe that the ultimate success of toy gangsters is measured by the accumulation of insubstantial material goods (like warehousing hundreds of custom sneakers in a gigantic closet), breeding and walking around with vicious pit-bulls, a wealth of women and plenty of marijuana to smoke. He has been programmed to avoid and reject the acquisition of any and all worthwhile external resources. He has not been taught the value of securing real, valuable resources like oil, titanium, silicon, etc.. to create real wealth. A point fully understood by the M.E.N.D. (Movement for the emancipation of the Niger Delta) of Nigeria. The BET gangster only values the acquisition of precious metals like platinum and gold in the form of gaudy, useless, jewelry (ironically stolen from Africa and sold back to us for exorbitant prices by JEW-lers). Diamonds are in reality rocks that powerful men have systemically programmed people to accept as valuable.

Morever, gangster status has been trivialized as a triumphant battle against the system which ironically leads the gangster to celebrate everything that is wrong about the system in his success. Fake gangsters (primarily rappers) have promoted the overly simplified, idealistic notion of personal/individualistic materialistic advancement, characterized by a redemptive sequence of life events by which the gangster triumphs/conquers perilous, inherited, darwin-esque, hardships & circumstances through a relentless, ruthless, uncompromised, drive to be at the top. The gangster’s degree of credibility rests solely in relaying the extreme contrasts of his or her inherited poverty and humble beginnings with the long, hard earned accumulation of cash & expensive possessions amidst dire odds & challenging circumstances of constant struggle. This aspect of struggle has been true to the real life experience and absolution of the gangster creed but it has been overly used, abused and in turn clichéd by most. The popularized depiction of this gangster validation is an over simplification of the struggle that associates gangster success with the notion of climbing out of the barrel then singing, dancing and hopping around the barrel as if the struggle has been realized. These fake gangsters are somehow empowered by the notion of parading their newly gained petty riches in front of the crabs still stuck in the barrel. How can showing off your new car, chain, clothes, etc... to the people who'm you share a common root of hardship be interpreted as progressive?***** It is in this regard that the basic value structure of the street gangster is almost synonymous to the elitist black bourgeoisie class. If gangsters are so intimately familiar with the hardships of ghetto life (which they often use as a badge of honor and validation) its a wonder that they don't use their resources and influence to propogate a message that seeks to destroy the corruptive ghetto structure, rather than making it worse.

Many mid century black gangsters stand in direct contrast to today’s toy gangsters. Paul Lee’s recent article on Bumpy Johnson is a brilliant expose that sheds light on the complex paradoxical relationship of Bumpy Johnson’s so called criminality and his commitment to the black struggle. Bumpy was undeniably flashy, well dressed and well groomed to the standards of Marcus Garvey (presented in his book ‘Message to the People’). Men like Bumpy became the economic backbone of the black community by extending credit to jumpstart black businesses at a time when mainstream American banks shunned the practice of loaning money to the black community. Bumpy was genuinely tough and fearless in contrast to today’s toy gangster’s who kill innocent victims but never challenge or even resist the police. Bumpy unequivally threatened the mob, the police, and anyone else whom he perceived to threaten or challenge his interests. When he said “Move b*tch get out the way” he wasn’t addressing the black woman he was addressing the white police. On the subject of his self appointed role of protecting the likes of Malcolm X & Paul Robeson, Bumpy stated the following.

“Remember the Peekskill riots, back in 1950 [Sept. 4, 1949 - PL], when all these crackers had Paul Robeson surrounded and wanted to do him in? I heard that on the radio. So I got some of my boys together, between 70 and a hundred, and I called the chief of the state police and said, "Listen, this is Bumpy Johnson. We're coming through to get Paul out, and if anybody tries to stop us, police or civilians, there's gonna be a hell of a lot of bloodshed."

"‘Then my boys and me, we piled into a fleet of cars and we drove. We drove all the way to Peekskill. The police got out of our way; they had been warned. We had every kind of gun imaginable. And we drove right through them screaming civilian crackers, too, and they damn sure got out of the way, too. And we brought old Paul out. Brought him out in a convoy. Because Paul is Black, he's my brother, and I wasn't gonna let no crackers set hand on him.'"

While many aspect of Bumpy’s criminality were undeniably, damaging to the black community much of this same criminality was ironically inadvertently beneficial. I would be remiss to endorse the totality of Bumpy’s criminality without acknowledging the inherent contradictions. However, while controversial and far from perfect, Bumpy does honor the ancient, true warrior code in many respects. Provided decent circumstances, equal opportunities and a good healthy environment to live and grow in soldiers like Bumpy Johnson could have been legitimate army generals or business leaders, which (in a sense) he was. Men like Bumpy Johnson are around today, but they are incarcerated, and/or politically & socially uninformed to be effective in the advancement of racial politics.

The potential warrior/gangster is limited by his own imaginative concept of power. Black gangsters need to creatively refocus and follow the example of independent thinkers like the Black Panther Party who effectively mobilized and politicized notorious black gangsters like George Jackson, and Bunchy Carter who became giants in their own right. Black gangsters have the power to establish independent schools, hospitals, armies, police, and eventually powerful Nations. The bar of achievement must be raised or broadened beyond costume materialism and consumerism.

Beyonce needs to come to terms with the frailty of her toy soldier within the scheme of world politics. Navasha on the other hand understands the potential, dormant power that lies within reach of the Misguided Warriors.

*Some are toy dolls but this is not the time nor the place for that discussion

** Steele from Smiff N Wessun is a true soldier.

***Saggy pants have been in style since 1988. The style has run it’s full course.

**** This is also why some talk loud, curse, etc...

*****It is in this aspect that MOP's 'Ante Up' anthem takes on enormous significance.

Brother Okra
One God, One Aim, One Destiny


Friday, November 30, 2007

Where's the Mass Mobilization from last week?


"The mind of the enemy and the will of his leaders is a target of far more importance than the bodies of his troops"

Mao Tse Tung

Its been weeks since the latest mass rally in Washington and Afrikan people have once again run out of steam in a crazed political sprint towards another loss in the marathon of struggle. Our political naiveté, political amnesia and collective short term memories have ushered us back into a state of complacency and comfort by which some have resorted to their programmed modes of self destruction in service of white supremacy. The rare political mobilization that grew around the support of the Jena 6 prompted a brief but heightened awareness, and sensitivity towards racial politics that has now hit a dead end and is seldom even brought up in the context of social dialogue because it now carries the stigma of being “old news”. The political discussions that briefly pervaded social conversations throughout Black America in barber shops, beauty salons, restaurants, bars, house party’s, corporate work environments, etc.. has fizzled out like a flat soda. Bringing it up in conversation is now a social taboo, like wearing an out fashioned pair of sneakers, designer sweater, designer jeans, or driving one of those gigantic Ford Expeditions (and soon to be Navigators) that everyone went out and bought several years ago (no offense if applicable). Who would have ever thought that we could be driven to spend $40,000 on a fad. More important, how can political consciousness be likened to a material fad? Have we become so materialistic that even our thoughts are subject to the conditioning or short tempered value system that ranks the importance of material status symbols? Aren’t the material manifestations of the universe shaped by the mind and not the other way around?1 Even Will Smith reveals knowledge of these workings in this surprisingly deep interview. How can the political consciousness of the people be sustained to maintain political action long after the trauma?

Nonetheless, If we take anything from this Jena 6 experience before moving forward let us understand and emphasize the importance of having the capability and option of defending ourselves in desperate situations. Recognize that the Jena 6 rose up like soldiers to demonstrate militancy as a sure way to get justice (on a small scale) amidst oppression and racist terrorism. Had they not done so they would have continued to be subjected to the humiliation, unwarranted abuse and attacks that the mainstream media conveniently ignores in their reports of this story? The Jena 6 in effect set the stage and raised the bar of action, for broader militant mobilization and positioning, which was heavily dissuaded by mainstream black leadership. Many of us rallied to support the Jena 6 because we recognized that their actions were logical, justifiable, responses, warranted under the circumstances in which they found themselves trapped in. The defacto “Black Leadership” purports sympathetic sentiments towards the Jena 6’s militant response yet cannot recognize the ideological value of asserting the same militancy on a mass scale to counter relative acts of racist violence and terrorism.

Black mass action must assume some militant capabilities. Our long-term viability, cultural development & enhancement will require a comprehensive multifaceted approach that seeks primary development of economic, political and military resources. The development of economic and political resources without military insulation leaves them vulnerable to anyone with military resources and ambitions to exploit. See Dr. Fluker’s patented Sequential Equation. The necessity of developing these three key resources is clearly understood by the worlds emerging powers. For example, the US economic system is so heavily invested and reliant on China’s economy as a source of cheap industrial labor and resources that China has been bold enough to deny a U.S. naval carrier entry into Hong Kong.2 China is simultaneously using this period of opportunity to build upon it’s own military capabilities. In fact, the Chinese have already built an advanced naval submarine that eluded the most high tech surveillance equipment developed by the US Navy.

Bill Gertz warns that China "is the most serious long-term national security challenge to the United States" in his racially motivated, euro-centered, paranoid, but fact filled book 'The China Threat'.3 Gertz writes, "China's most threatening modernization, from the American point of view, is its plan to build the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) into a world-class military force with the most modern strategic nuclear missiles and a navy capable of projecting power far from Chinese shores. China’s modernization goal is to defeat the United States whenever it stands against Chinese strategic or political objectives – thus the need to conduct political warfare.” Gertz also identifies a book called “Unrestricted Warfare” in which two PLA Generals, Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, “advocate expanding combat beyond the battlefield to chemical warfare, economic and financial warfare” A passage in "Unrestricted Warfare" states, "Clearly, it is precisely the diversity of the means employed that has enlarged the concept of warfare".

The Chinese do not suffer from political naiveté, political amnesia or collective short term memories. Their assertiveness and long term ambitions force the power structure into a state of alarm and compromise!

Interestingly enough, China owes a great deal of it's martial arts & military culture to Afrikans, as Rza brilliantly explains in this interview.

"Political Power grows out of the Barrell of a Gun"

Mao Tse Tung

1“Everything and institution we see around us, created by human agency, had first to exist as a thought in some human mind. Thought therefore is constructive. Human thought is the spiritual power of the cosmos operating through its creature, man.” Charles F. Haaneld

2Watch the PBS, Frontline special "Is Wal-Mart Good for America".

3There are countless books on the subject on the "alarming" emergence of Chinese power. See "Showdown", "China Inc.", and "Three Billion New Capitalists" amongst the many.

Real Recognize Real

Brother Okra


Monday, November 12, 2007

March Madness


The triumphant, luminary, giant, John Henrick Clarke indicated that the most fundamental question to ask any leader is “Leader, where are you leading me to?”.

The prospect of Rev. Al Sharpton’s leadership has taken on a reckless terrifying dimension. He is the default black leader who has become increasingly relevant in the absence of genuine Black leaders who’ve either passed or have been neutralized.

Rev. Al is an indispensable, courageous and welcomed soldier for his abilities (within the cultural media propaganda war) to combat the talking head pundits who spew lies from the pulpits of corporate news media institutions. He has a pronounced ability to articulate and boldly defend the popular attitudes and positions held by his largely conformist "African American", constituency. His analytical insights are typically appropriate, witty, unmistakably down to earth, humorous (at times), colorful and marked with the charisma of a natural leader. His talk show ‘Sharp Talk’ is an excellent forum that gives voice to some of our brightest and best thinkers to address relevant issues in our community. Hence, the value of Rev Al within the context of these public spaces is justified and holds enormous value to Afrikan people as a whole.* However, these qualities of Rev Al’s leadership are not being brought to question herein. Despite, all his wonderful qualities, what is questionable is his persistence on promoting ineffective, reactive, dead-end solutions to the issues that he so eloquently illuminates. He does a wonderful job of articulating the issues and bringing them into public focus but falls short in being able to provide thoughtful, evolutionary, forward thinking solutions to effect real change as a result thereof. In other words, the good reverends diagnosis of issues tends to be correct but his prescriptions for treatment are largely flawed. This is why his rhetoric is tolerated and even welcomed on FOX news and other racist media channels. The white power structure welcomes Black leadership that promotes slow, reformist measures that operate within the legal confines of the system. A natural Afrikan leader must be well rounded, forward thinking, flexible, and be able to define, contextualize, and analyze crisis issues to most importantly put forth meaningful, effective strategies to mediate and manage crisis situations towards the achievement of progressive ends.

Most recently, Sharpton has called for yet another rally on November 16, 2007 in Washington, DC in spite of the proven ineffectiveness of these impotent, reactionary, wimp marches. These rallies are nothing more than victim support groups where abused people get together to collectively vent and express their frustrations or simply attempt to deal with their problems by just showing up. The stategy of the battleplan is to simply show up without a plan or weapons. His most recent rally in Jena was a huge effort, which yielded relatively minor results considering all the effort and time put forth. The following official statement on Al Sharpton’s ‘National Action Network’ website is unbelievably ridiculous, dangerously absurd and highlights the pathology of a leader who has yet to break the spell of Post Traumatic Slave syndrome (which unfortunately happens to the best of us):

“With hate crimes and noose hangings on the rise across the country, we must have the federal government protect us from local hate and bigotry. From Mychal Bell in Jena, Louisiana, to Sean Bell in New York, it is time for the federal government to intervene, and you can help us achieve this objective. “**

While I too believe that the federal government should intervene I'm also of the belief that you would have a better chance getting your 40 acres and mule. The vanguard leaders and organizations who hold the historical distinction of effectively elevating Black status & advancing the conditions for Afrikan people would be livid at the bizarre reasoning behind these assumptions and strategies. How could the same federal government that implemented Cointelpro and covertly sold cocaine to the black community (creating the crack epidemic) be relied on to administer justice? Where is the revolutionary logic and spirit of black leaders of past like Assata Shakur and Dhoruba Bin Wahad who in their time not only advocated for the ideological necessity to rid the Afrikan community of drugs but went a step further and literally took the drugs and profits from the drug dealers? Progressive, revolutionary individuals and groups effectively sought the use of internal resources and organization as the only dependable means of demonstrating power over their oppressor. Genuine leaders such as Robert Williams, Malcolm X, The Black Panther Party, the Black Liberation Army, MOVE, etc, never sought assistance or cooperation with or from the overarching theoretical “justice system” because it was obvious that the government was in concert with the efforts to neutralize our progress. Unlike Sharpton, leaders like Assata were never allowed media space to speak openly and candidly about her leadership ideology and strategies because they were effectively threatening to the status quo. Malcolm X warned in his classic 1964 speech “The Ballet or the Bullet” that “When you take your case to Washington, D.C., you're taking it to the criminal who's responsible; it's like running from the wolf to the fox.”

These rallies are not empowering because they place us in a fragile position as victims to plead for relief from our abusers thereby reinforcing our psychological acceptance of inferior status as secondary citizens and our dependence on others. Rev. Al’s ideology (or idiot-tology in this case) cedes the power to effect change in the hands of our abuser. Rev Al practices what I call “the politics of pity” wherein he seeks to use our tears to seek remorse from the people who caused us to cry in the first place.*** He believes that he can assemble Black folks en mass to stand before a numb and insensitive, justice department to collectively demonstrate how poorly we’ve been treated, in hopes that this will appeal to their sense of compassion. Why does he expect the “federal government” to conflict their own nature in granting us political justice (as if the justice department is somehow unaware of our mistreatment)? Rev Al suffers from Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome because his mentality is such that his concept of justice requires the cooperation and consent of his white slave master who in this case is represented by “the federal government”. In doing so he seeks meaningless protection from someone or something outside of himself. It should be quite clear that anyone seeking assistance from the government to provide protection is inherently weak and accepting of their own powerlessness. True Black Power will only be demonstrated when the federal government attempts to seek us out to make concessions, not the other way around. This reckless dependency will only effectively serve to increase the vulnerability of black folks thereby allowing more of us to be killed and abused.

These rally’s serve to bolster the local economies in which they are held. The residual effects of the large influx of the thousands of people who attend these rallies is such that local white owned business, including fancy hotels, convenience stores, restaurants, airlines, gas stations, public transportation services, taxis services, bus companies, etc... tend to benefit from the added business. Hence, we ironically serve to strengthen and reinforce the existing power structure by feeding it our money. Any jurisdiction that needs economic stimulation need only to scandolously abuse a black citizen so that we can show up en mass to effectively jolt their local economy.

I dare to suggest that if Malcolm X were alive he would have charged that this rally is also an opportunity for bourgeoisie blacks and political inverts to convince themselves that they are actively involved in “the struggle” while in effect having done nothing or risked anything necessary for change. These rallies are often simply low risk protests, and forms of mild entertainment that people attend for status enhancement, bragging rights or just to break the monotony of the everday, uninvolved, life experience that the uninitiated called boredom. Some attend these rally’s to hustle t-shirts (and I don’t blame them). Malcolm fittingly referred to the “March on Washington” as the “Farce on Washington” for many of the same reasons (minus the t-shirts).

Rev Al’s ideology is rooted in the disillusionment that transplanting the passive, civil rights movement tactics of the past into today’s struggle will effectively change the system. The belief that the civil rights movement was the principal factor in effecting black progress is a gross falsification of historical fact and one of the greatest disinformation achievements of the elitist white media and public fool system, which seeks to hide the real effects behind America’s great compromise. Nonetheless, It must be noted that the Civil Rights movement and it’s principal leader Martin Luther King Jr. was hand picked and co-opted in service of the white power structure to nullify or overshadow the public’s perception of the progress and potential of black militant organizations that pre-existed and operated simultaneously. The growing cultural awareness and political acuity of Afrikans in America was heightened with the advent of the Black Muslim movement, (which started with the Nation of Islam and later manifested into groups such as Orthodox Black Muslims, Nation of Gods & Earths, Moorish Science Temple, etc…) many of which advocated for serious Marcus Garvey type, militant, nationalist agenda, that included economic and political sovereignty amongst it goals. The thought of a potentially, powerful, liberated, sovereign, unified, Black political force (or Fear of A Black Planet) was petrifying to the white power structure, who quickly and defensively sought cooperation with civil rights leaders who’s goals and strategies were a welcomed alternative to it’s more radical Muslim inspired predecessor and cousin The Nation of Islam. The civil rights movements strategies were preferred by the white power structure because while it forced the power structure to make some concessions to black people, it did not seek to rearrange or challenge the hierarchical relationships of white dominance. The so called civil rights leaders who exist today are still willing to leave the hierarchal structure of white dominance unchallenged, which is why they go to Washington to plead with the stubbornly persistent white power structure to offer it relief, as opposed to organizing a force to orchestrate that relief. Rev Al appears either unwilling or unequipped to utilize the bargaining chip that includes radical economic boycotts or militant organization. The unfortunate, inaction and timidness of these civil rights inspired leaders and the neutralization of genuine Black leadership has allowed the white power structure to grow stronger by enveloping itself within the apparatus of advanced police protection.

While, I’m reluctant to pass judgment on Al’s personal integrity or genuine commitment and passion for the advancement of our people, I’m not beyond considering the plausibility of a self motivated, profit driven motive either. All logical, feasible possibilities must be considered when analyzing our state of affairs and the leaders who influence them. The sad reality is that there are many amongst us who profit from our dire circumstances. Given the exclusivity of having pertinent information, skills or access to key resources many abuse their positions for personal gain by actively regenerating or ignoring socio-political inefficiencies (and disasters) in order to establish perpetual dependency on themselves and their services. Figuratively speaking, the plumber who fixes broken pipes with band-aids does so to remain gainfully employed. This is not a far reaching concept for many (but not all) politicians (federal, state, local), judges, lawyers, bailsman, correction officers, union leaders, school board officials, neighborhood community leaders, etc… Remember Barbara Bullock the former president of the Washington DC teachers union? Even some drug dealers, rappers and certain church leaders have a vested interest in maintaining the problems within the community. Many of the problems that plague our communities are engineered, built in glitches & inefficiencies that serve to bolster the strength of the system. The victims of this system are often times unsuspectingly naïve in their assumption that the system exists to serve the people. What many believe to be inefficiencies within the system are often times oppurtunities for intelligent mid level cooperators who are willing to exploit the trust of the people in exchange for personal gain. The system benefits because these potential agitators of the system are instead willingly used to pacify the people into submission and acceptance of the status quo. Sharpton has made a career as a type of ambulance chaser attaching himself to crisis issues impacting the Afrikan community and Afrikan victims of social injustice, which in and of itself does not condemn him. However, when this is considered in combination with his suspicious persistence in promoting obvious dead end solutions it does raise flags. Sharpton would arguably be out of a job if these circumstances ceased to exist.

Power over or within the system will only be gained when we learn to use our collective efforts to willfully affect the flow of capitol on which the system depends. Any leader who cannot put forth a strategy towards these ends may in essence only be concerned about the capital flowing in the direction of their pockets.

*Unfortunately, these victories over media pundits are largely symbolic victories that are largely insignificant and disconnected from real life. While we cheer Rev. Al on television, we must realize that these a victories hardly amount or translate to anything tangible in real life. When the television is turned off we are forced to deal with real life situations without Rev Al at our side to speak for our bold and subtle inevitable encounters with modern racism and white supremacy. Moreover, the 30 minute Sharp Talk show is much too short of a duration for serious discussions and airs at odd times.

**I refuse to comment on the statements made by SCLC president, Charles Steele who sais, “Every day, every day, we must fight for our freedom. Dr. King says it will be either non-violence or non-existence. That’s why we must march on a continuous basis.” I don't make these things up. See article 'Justice March on Washington Nov. 16' in the Amsterdam news. These coward leaders are willing to pay the price of extinction in order to avoid a fight with their master. It's a sad day indeed.

***He also seeks to use the supposed superior morality of Black people to shame the government into action for allowing the unwarranted abuse of our people. The morality package is a hard one to sell Washington (and white folks generally) provided the public perception and media promotion of corporate inspired, black minstrel, hip hop, circus like, cartoonish, Snoop Dogg culture. Subconsciously, Cosby amongst other Civil Rights type strategists have been particularly critical of this negative perception because it destroys or contradicts the ability to exploit this political currency. Afrikan people are the only known people to assume that morality (good behavior) should afford us political gain.

Brother Okra


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hip Hop NASea


The Nas controversery regarding naming his new album "Nigger" should be contextualized.

The casual use of the word “Nigger” or “Nigga”* is counter revolutionary & self destructive. It’s an externalization of the reactionary self-hate complex characteristic of post-traumatic slave syndrome. However, the deep-seated psychology behind its common use and acceptance must be dealt with in a variety of prescriptive & therapeutic methods. Many of the conventional methods sought to deter its use are ineffectively weak in appealing to the broad segment of our society who naively underestimate its negative consequences and are most disenfranchised by its perpetual use (or mis-use, to avoid semantic dissonance).

However, I do draw a distinction between its common reactionary use and its pro-active revolutionary use within the context of art, & intellectual critique. The art medium is undeniably one of the most effective mediums of universal communication with the potential to be used as a negotiative, persuasive voice to convincingly deter the casual, careless use of the term “Nigger”. At the risk of mounting cliché’s (or stating the obvious), art influences life and vice versa. It must also be recognized that art offers an extremely valuable opportunity to effectively communicate complex socio-political-economic concepts to those who would not ordinarily seek information on their own terms. Art in its highest expressive form is an appealing, effortless, penetrating invocation of pertinent, useful information that speaks directly to the soul of each individual in a uniquely effective way. Art is often perceived to have spiritual dimensions, which lack the political disingenuousness or political motives that are perceived to be hidden behind informative mediums such as books, newspapers, conferences, the church, "leaders", etc…. In other words a critical intelligent assessment of “Nigger” within the context of art maybe the most effective and direct medium to achieve what many organizations are attempting to achieve indirectly. Hip Hop has the full undivided attention of the youth whom are most disenfranchised by its use.

While beyond the scope of this discussion, it must be stated that this whole debate takes the focus and pressure off the shady music corporate system of payola and the corporate A&R’s and talent scouts who carefully hand pick and nurture artists to promote decadence. Our energies should be focused on forcing corporations to incorporate intelligent artists, with thoughtful lyrics into their corporate promotional playlists, rather than focus our efforts on censoring the artist's available palette of words which are essential for full, articulate expression. The wholesale censorship and banning of words will unfortunately only result, in the rebellious, resentful desire to use "Nigger" even more. Angry pundits will only add flame to the fire.

“Nigger” has enormous significance within the cultural psyche and vernacular of black folks and must be given room for proper and gradual exorcism & expulsion.** A ban on the word from those perceived as ‘uppity’ (those who appear unsympathetic or out of tune with the ordinary everyday life experience of the working class) is ironically perceived by it’s embracees to be an attack on their “culture” and their expression. Many so called “street” brothers are endowed with a certain pride in their perseverance of “staying street” in spite of the systemic forces designed to kill or punish them (prison, army service) for their rejection & non participation in the system. In recognition that they have been disallowed & isolated from the best jobs and legitimate, worthwhile opportunities within the system they become reactionary outlaws with hopes of circumventing the system to achieve economic success. The embrace of this outlaw mentality is a form of pseudo maroonage, that rejects indoctrination or spoilage by the “mainstream”, “corporate” culture. Hence, “street brothers” or “G’s” are suspiciously resentful of the corporate class of blacks who they feel do not possess the moral high ground, or conviction or authority to dictate codes of conduct. My gut perception is that Nas’ announcement of a “Nigger” album is a symbolic gesture intended to openly reject the dictates of the uppity black bourgeois who he may perceive to be arrogantly overlooking the constructs of “thug legislature” or the moral G code that governs this outlaw way of life. Nonetheless, this move puts Nas in good standing with street brothers who recognize the significance (of this chess move).

I personally doubt that Nas has the ability or is the right person to pull off an entire constructive and meaningful “Nigger” concept album. He is undeniably inconsistent in producing positive songs and is not truly indebted to the “street code”*** that he professes. His own admission of being a "Columbia Record Slave" on his song Black Zombies should raise a flag and set off alarms!!! However (who am I to judge another man), I recognize that the positive songs that he has done are in many cases brilliantly complex (listen to Second Childhood) and indicate that he has the potential to pull it off. I've heard it said that If Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik Shabazz) had not been given a second chance than the world would have been denied his brilliance and we would have only known a pimp named Malcolm Little. Hell, even Prodigy (Mobb Deep) is threatening to become a Malcolm X. No one, should be denied an opportunity to create an album because of critical pre-determinism (which is just as bizarre and unjustifiable as pre-crime or the Bush administrations logic for preemptive-war). Much of the criticisms presented to date are based on 20 second sound bites of what the Media has selectively chosen to disclose on the issue. Moreover, it’s impossible to constructively critique the art without an example of the art at hand. While it is apparent that this album title is unlikely to materialize into reality, our energies should be spent critiquing the album if and when it does come into existence.

Notwithstanding, Mos Def’s classic “Mr. Nigga” is a justifiably, provocative, artistic rendition of the familiar social complexities of modern black life embroiled within the prevalence of white America’s unrelenting depreciative view of Afrikans as “Niggers”, in spite of the perceived advances in race relations. Denying Mos Def of the opportunity to use Nigger almost certainly would have robbed the song of its potent message and symbolism. When “Nigger” is used in the proper artistic context it can actually be effective in demonstrating the absurdity and acceptance of its widespread embrace. (Which reminds me of how paradoxical it is that BET invites rappers like Ludacris to explain the ludicrousness and illogicality of its acceptance and assimilation within so called ‘hip-hop’. That's Ludicrous.) I also commend Mos Def and Bun B for being the only rappers to show up in Jena for the rally. Nas, and other artists could really help their own cases if they were involved in these grass roots efforts.

*For purposes of this dialogue, I do not make a distinction between the terms “Nigger” and what some refer to as “Nigga”.

**The average brother’s vocab is extremely limited. The unfortunate reality is that by taking “Nigger” away from the streets you’ve effectively reduced the functioning vocabulary of the hood immensely. The reality of a limited functioning vocabulary is largely contributed to by the culmination of inherited slave language (Ebonics), a rejection of intellectualism as interpreted through the public ‘fool’ system’s version of education and the educational and socio-political deficiencies that exacerbate the dire circumstances of post slavery Black America. Consequently there is an over-relliance on derogatory emotional terms that take the place of more efficient expressive choices of words and terms.

***The “street code” referred to within this context refers to the distorted, glamorization, of a falsified gangster ideology that modern rappers toss around just as carelessly as they do the term “Nigga”

Brother Okra

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Prescription for Drapetomania


James Watson’s recent attacks on the intelligence of Afrikan people warrants a declaration for independent, objective, genetic science research, pioneered by Afrikans. I won’t spend much time analyzing this assault because often times these things function to put us in a reactionary mode which distracts us from revolutionary action. But since, I’ve met my revolutionary action quota for the day I figure I’d quickly put the attack in perspective and use the opportunity to briefly discuss how the Afrikan community may go forward in countering this act of cultural terrorism in a pro-active, forceful, and effective manner.

The use of scientific racism has the same function today that it always has. It seeks a scientific, rational justification to deny Afrikan people their equal due as human beings. This dehumanization effectively allows the European to morally justify his insatiable greed and ultimate mis-use of power in orchestrating the social, economical, political and sexual exploitation of Afrikan people.

The Afrikan slave trade, jump-started modern capitalism and afforded the European the lavish lifestyle of luxury that could only be maintained provided the continual exploitation and dehumanization of Afrikan people. The degradation of African life allows the European to escape moral accountability for his principle role in destroying Black life. This is one of the primary reasons that media corporations are so intent on projecting a coon image of Afrikans. This is also the reason why the white nationalist, white supremacist, racist’s who are regarded as Amerika’s ‘founding fathers’ perpetuated the notion that Africans were inferior to whites. For instance, in 1781, Thomas Jefferson, a wealthy slave owner wrote:

“Comparing them by their faculties of memory, reason, and imagination, it appears to me that in memory they are equal to the whites; in reason much inferior, as I think one could scarcely be found capable of tracing and comprehending the investigations of Euclid; and that in imagination they are dull, tasteless, and anomalous. It would be unfair to follow them to Africa for this investigation.”. (Keep in mind, that Jefferson and other lawmakers found it necessary to legally ban Afrikan slaves from reading anything)

In spite of Jeffereson’s sexual obsession and forcefulness upon his slaves he also curiously wrote,

“love seems to them to be more of an eager desire, than a delicate mixture of sentiment and sensation.”

Abraham Lincoln was ‘kind enough’ (and I’m being facetious) to afford us some accommodations, in spite of his strong resolve in declaring white racial superiority when he stated the following:

"I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races - that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race. I say upon this occasion I do not perceive that because the white man is to have the superior position the Negro should be denied everything."“

Scientific racism is a political discipline that seeks the use of baseless, blotched, self-proclaimed ‘scientific’ evidence and flawed experimental process to support and advance predetermined racist theories for the gain of socio-political objectives. There are countless examples, but a few are worth noting. For instance, the impact of Charles Darwin’s “The Origin of Species” was a monumental psychological achievement that released the moral burden of European exploiters. The book advanced the apparent scientific notion that European supremacy was a bi product of the evolutionary process In nature called “natural selection” and gave the impression that the horrific acts of violence and human exploitation perpetuated against the Afrikan in the Slave trade was an act of almighty God. In a more recent example, Charles Murray received 1.2 million dollars from an array of right-wing Think Tanks to write a book called the “Bell Curve” claiming that ‘scientific’ IQ tests revealed that Whites were genetically superior to blacks. However, the most striking example of racism disguised as science is owed to a distinguished physician of his time, Dr. Samuel Cartwright who advanced the medical diagnosis that came to be known as Drapetomania. It was asserted by Cartwright, through the medical association of Louisiana that Drapetomania was a mental illness of Afrikan slaves in which the principal symptom was a compulsory desire to flee slavery or escape servitude. It was thought that those who attempted to escape were unable to recognize how good they had it. Cartwright prescribed, in his own words "whipping the devil out of them" and amputating toes as preventative medical’ treatments for this disease (as was done to Kunta Kinte (sp?) in Roots).

James Watson’s brand of science is fashioned along the same principles of scientific racism. His ideology of racist supremacy is a continuum of the political machine conceived by America’s forefathers. His forecast that scientists will find a gene in whites that explains their intellectual superiority within the next decade speaks volumes about his desire to usurp genuine scientific process with white supremacist political agenda.* There is also a clear & curious desire by the media to depict Watson as an isolated, anomaly, and renegade within the scientific world, as if his opinions are not shared by others in the broader European science community. He is a leader of one of the most prestigious scientific institutions in the world and has most likely used his influence and power within that institution to shape it according to his views. His involvement in the human genome project was obviously fueled by this desire to prove white superiority. The findings of the genome project were an obvious disappointment to him.

Nonetheless, the scientific discovery sought by Watson would in essence provide the European unwarranted justification in exorcising uncontained policies toward Afrika and it’s people. Modern, scientific racism still seeks a scientific rational to morally justify the imposition of European will and domination over us.** If they declare themselves a higher species they will try to use this as a justification to impose, policies and restrictions over us that are regarded to be in our best interests. The imposition of parental discretion exorcised over children who are not equipped to make the best choices for themselves is a microcosm of this desired phenomenon. Afrika is often portrayed as a child like continent ripe with internal mass ignorance, violence, corruption & mismanagement as if the western powers have not conspired to instigate and engineer much of these shortcomings.

Afrikan people cannot rely on European scientists. If the European/Western science community (that uses white males & females as a universal standard) found information that was of specific value to Afrikans, would they disclose it? It’s highly unlikely that James Watson would publicize a gene discovery indicating a clear Afrikan genetic advantage over his European counterpart? Afrikans must move beyond being passive subjects in the research of others to engage in objective scientific study and research that brings useful, practical and meaningful scientific and technological advancement to our lives.

While Watson charters his scientists to find this so called intelligence gene, Afrikan geneticists must become intensely familiar with the genetic makeup of the European (and himself) as well. European genes should be studied to identify any race specific European genes (or missing genes) that cause the racist & violent behavior known only to it's race. We must not rule out a genetic cause that explains why the European is out of sync with nature, out of sync with the world and out of sync with the world's people. The plausibility of this genetic explanation is worth investigating considering the inability of the European to have ever established a functional peacful state or function with a non-destructive mindset (even amongst themselves). It is imperative for the survival of the planet and it's inhabitants (including the European). It is our divine duty to restore order and peace to this planet with which we Afrikans are most familiar.

*The Western world's general addiction to & reliance on coffee (roasted bean juice) as an intellectual stimulant is a significant fact that is often overlooked as a point of advantage for whites in professional environments, universities, etc... In general, Afrikan people do not consume coffee as a social beverage or it's stimulative effects. Take away coffee and you've done a great deal of harm to Western thought and culture!!!

**Even the latest media attack on Michael Vick was designed to send a message that these people (blacks) are not morally, & intellectually capable of contributing to white society.

Brother Okra

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Come On Cosby


It appears that Bill Cosby has been to school and has been coached well. He has reappeared with a sharp acknowledgment of the undeniable logical realization of systemic and institutionalized racism. Cosby has abandoned his irrational anti-intellectual squabbling to finally make a logical, rational, realistic assessment of the contextual reality of the systemic forces surrounding black behavior (at least from what I gather in these two video clips).

In his recent appearance on ‘Meet the Press’ Cosby provides his most, methodical, reserved, careful, and articulate explanation of his opinions to date. In his own words Cosby acknowledges that “The power structure can stop a person from getting a better education…living in better conditions…stop improvements from being made,” He also highlights the critical longstanding fact that white youth are the predominant consumers of derogatory, corporate influenced ‘hip-hop’ or gangster rap (although there's nothing gangster about it). It must be stressed that, white patronage of this negative portrayal of blacks provides corporate America with the economic incentive to keep producing more. It has been generally acknowledged by music scholars that there is a direct correlation between the growing mass interest and popularity of Hip Hop amongst white youth, and it’s general decline. A similar phenomenon has also occurred with the decline of Bee-Bop and Rock N Roll as both musical expressions gained popularity amongst white youth.

Hopefully, Cosby understands that the effects of this degenerative form of ‘Hip Hop’ or hip-hop (as I spell it) are two-fold. On the one hand white youth are attracted to the music because they are able experience this whimsical expression of black life vicariously as entertainment or as a pseudo, virtual, video game type of experience. They don’t directly relate to Hip Hop’s overwhelmingly black identity; therefore, they can psychologically disengage or escape this experience willfully, just like hitting the off button on the playstation. Whites in general are also more comfortable with the distorted clown, coon-type representations of black people as opposed to enduring the sight of serious artists like Immortal Technique, Jeru the Damaja or Dead Prez who offer real quantitative art that reflects positively on the negative. On the other hand, black youth simultaneously identify with hip-hop's blackness directly. They in-turn falsely interpret these same hip-hop images to be literal representations of black life. Most impressionable black youth are not mature enough to separate fact from fiction. The literal interpretation of these images in combination with the preexisting social-political-economic harshness and realities of post Slavery Amerika have contributed to making a bad situation worse. Recognize that the poverty that Grand Master Flash spoke of in his classic “The Message” record preceded “Hip Hop”.

Finally, Cosby suggests that black progressive action must take place under ordinary everyday life circumstances by ordinary people in his assertion that “the revolution is in their apartment, in their house, in their neighborhood.” Right on, but the upper class blacks must do their part as well. He has yet to capitalize on his high level of respectability and influence within the black community to equally condemn the upper class bourgeois blacks like Deborah Lee who profit from the entertainment industrial complex, which socializes, and conditions black children to become coffers of the Prison industrial complex. The complexities of which are captured beautifully in the film “Beyond Beats and Rhymes” and by Reverend Coates. Cosby will be on Oprah’s show tomorrow (10.17.07) promoting his book “Come on People” It is obvious that the book will ultimately be a self damning, introverted critique that will find blame laden within the black community, but at least Cosby is now acknowledging White Supremacy in soft terms (more so than he did before). I look forward to Cosby’s book, but I’m left to wonder who really wrote it.

On another note, be sure to check out the new, controversial documentary “What Black Men Think” and the blog. Perhaps, Microsoft can tell us what Black men think?


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