"When we get into social amnesia - into forgetting our history - we also forget or misinterpret the history and motives of others as well as our motives. The way to learn of our own creation, how we came to be what we are, is getting to know ourselves. It is through getting to know the self intimately that we get to know the forces that shaped us as a self. Therefore knowing the self becomes a knowledge of the world. A deep study of Black History is the most profound way to learn about the psychology of Europeans and to understand the psychology that flows from their history. If we don’t know ourselves, not only are we a puzzle to ourselves; other people are also a puzzle to us as well. We assume the wrong identity and identify ourselves with our enemies. If we don’t know who we are then we are whomever somebody tells us we are." —The immortal OG Dr. Amos N. Wilson (The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness," Afrikan World InfoSystems, New York (1993) p. 38)

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Friday, November 30, 2007

Where's the Mass Mobilization from last week?


"The mind of the enemy and the will of his leaders is a target of far more importance than the bodies of his troops"

Mao Tse Tung

Its been weeks since the latest mass rally in Washington and Afrikan people have once again run out of steam in a crazed political sprint towards another loss in the marathon of struggle. Our political naiveté, political amnesia and collective short term memories have ushered us back into a state of complacency and comfort by which some have resorted to their programmed modes of self destruction in service of white supremacy. The rare political mobilization that grew around the support of the Jena 6 prompted a brief but heightened awareness, and sensitivity towards racial politics that has now hit a dead end and is seldom even brought up in the context of social dialogue because it now carries the stigma of being “old news”. The political discussions that briefly pervaded social conversations throughout Black America in barber shops, beauty salons, restaurants, bars, house party’s, corporate work environments, etc.. has fizzled out like a flat soda. Bringing it up in conversation is now a social taboo, like wearing an out fashioned pair of sneakers, designer sweater, designer jeans, or driving one of those gigantic Ford Expeditions (and soon to be Navigators) that everyone went out and bought several years ago (no offense if applicable). Who would have ever thought that we could be driven to spend $40,000 on a fad. More important, how can political consciousness be likened to a material fad? Have we become so materialistic that even our thoughts are subject to the conditioning or short tempered value system that ranks the importance of material status symbols? Aren’t the material manifestations of the universe shaped by the mind and not the other way around?1 Even Will Smith reveals knowledge of these workings in this surprisingly deep interview. How can the political consciousness of the people be sustained to maintain political action long after the trauma?

Nonetheless, If we take anything from this Jena 6 experience before moving forward let us understand and emphasize the importance of having the capability and option of defending ourselves in desperate situations. Recognize that the Jena 6 rose up like soldiers to demonstrate militancy as a sure way to get justice (on a small scale) amidst oppression and racist terrorism. Had they not done so they would have continued to be subjected to the humiliation, unwarranted abuse and attacks that the mainstream media conveniently ignores in their reports of this story? The Jena 6 in effect set the stage and raised the bar of action, for broader militant mobilization and positioning, which was heavily dissuaded by mainstream black leadership. Many of us rallied to support the Jena 6 because we recognized that their actions were logical, justifiable, responses, warranted under the circumstances in which they found themselves trapped in. The defacto “Black Leadership” purports sympathetic sentiments towards the Jena 6’s militant response yet cannot recognize the ideological value of asserting the same militancy on a mass scale to counter relative acts of racist violence and terrorism.

Black mass action must assume some militant capabilities. Our long-term viability, cultural development & enhancement will require a comprehensive multifaceted approach that seeks primary development of economic, political and military resources. The development of economic and political resources without military insulation leaves them vulnerable to anyone with military resources and ambitions to exploit. See Dr. Fluker’s patented Sequential Equation. The necessity of developing these three key resources is clearly understood by the worlds emerging powers. For example, the US economic system is so heavily invested and reliant on China’s economy as a source of cheap industrial labor and resources that China has been bold enough to deny a U.S. naval carrier entry into Hong Kong.2 China is simultaneously using this period of opportunity to build upon it’s own military capabilities. In fact, the Chinese have already built an advanced naval submarine that eluded the most high tech surveillance equipment developed by the US Navy.

Bill Gertz warns that China "is the most serious long-term national security challenge to the United States" in his racially motivated, euro-centered, paranoid, but fact filled book 'The China Threat'.3 Gertz writes, "China's most threatening modernization, from the American point of view, is its plan to build the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) into a world-class military force with the most modern strategic nuclear missiles and a navy capable of projecting power far from Chinese shores. China’s modernization goal is to defeat the United States whenever it stands against Chinese strategic or political objectives – thus the need to conduct political warfare.” Gertz also identifies a book called “Unrestricted Warfare” in which two PLA Generals, Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, “advocate expanding combat beyond the battlefield to chemical warfare, economic and financial warfare” A passage in "Unrestricted Warfare" states, "Clearly, it is precisely the diversity of the means employed that has enlarged the concept of warfare".

The Chinese do not suffer from political naiveté, political amnesia or collective short term memories. Their assertiveness and long term ambitions force the power structure into a state of alarm and compromise!

Interestingly enough, China owes a great deal of it's martial arts & military culture to Afrikans, as Rza brilliantly explains in this interview.

"Political Power grows out of the Barrell of a Gun"

Mao Tse Tung

1“Everything and institution we see around us, created by human agency, had first to exist as a thought in some human mind. Thought therefore is constructive. Human thought is the spiritual power of the cosmos operating through its creature, man.” Charles F. Haaneld

2Watch the PBS, Frontline special "Is Wal-Mart Good for America".

3There are countless books on the subject on the "alarming" emergence of Chinese power. See "Showdown", "China Inc.", and "Three Billion New Capitalists" amongst the many.

Real Recognize Real

Brother Okra



James Tubman said...

excellent post!

wilson said south east asian domination was inevitable

the europeanss even knew this in the eighties

in wilson's lecture on economics in the 21st century in 1988 he read from the business week and the cover of it was "the pacific cetury: is america in decline"

there's a lot of blacks who want the united states to fall without reckognizing that we are apart of the united states and we benefit from the resources of the government too

so if this government oges down, as wilson said, we'll be used as scapegoats and it will be hell for us in this country.

so what do we do?

how should we feel about this?

James Tubman said...

hey brother afrika

man i know it's been a while since you posted something, but i got news for you, i tagged you man

i don't know if you know about tagging but now you have to list 7 facts about yourself, post them on your site, find a few others to tag and leave a comment for them letting them know they've been tagged.

it's a little work but i want our people to know about this "gun" you call dilapidated stoop

you have a lot of valuable information about geo-politics that we should know about

stop by


Okra Afrika said...


(Response to First Post)
The answer to your first series of questions is that Black people should continue 'nation building'.

(Response to Second Post)
Unfortunately, I've only had limited access to the internet over the past few weeks (such is my life). But I'll continue to post as much as I possibly can. I appreciate your interest.

As for tagging, I'm not familiar. I'll look deeper into it.

Peace to you &
Happy Solstice
Brother Okra

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