"When we get into social amnesia - into forgetting our history - we also forget or misinterpret the history and motives of others as well as our motives. The way to learn of our own creation, how we came to be what we are, is getting to know ourselves. It is through getting to know the self intimately that we get to know the forces that shaped us as a self. Therefore knowing the self becomes a knowledge of the world. A deep study of Black History is the most profound way to learn about the psychology of Europeans and to understand the psychology that flows from their history. If we don’t know ourselves, not only are we a puzzle to ourselves; other people are also a puzzle to us as well. We assume the wrong identity and identify ourselves with our enemies. If we don’t know who we are then we are whomever somebody tells us we are." —The immortal OG Dr. Amos N. Wilson (The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness," Afrikan World InfoSystems, New York (1993) p. 38)

Boondocks, "The Hunger Strike" [Banned from TV]

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Top Ten Forecasts for 2008

"For the element that can use its intelligence to look ahead is by nature ruler and by nature master, while that which has the bodily strength to do the actual work is by nature a slave, one of those who are ruled."

Aristotle, 'The Politics'

Neely Fuller once promulgated the notion that Afrikan people do not set long term objectives and or goals in relation to their white counterparts. To paraphrase, he stated that the average European thinks 10 years ahead compared to the average Afrikan who thinks weeks ahead. While controversial and exaggerated there is some truth in these allegations.

Some of our scholars might suggest that this is because Europeans operate on a terminal, linear construct while we operate on a balanced circular continuum. While I agree, I’ve also composed many geometric variations of the circle and often times the edges of these circular variations were facetted. These facetted circles are composed of straight lines connected in an angler series and enclosed to form a circle. I propose the facetted circle as the model for structured long term behavior and goals of Afrikan people.

Nonetheless, here is a listing of the top ten forecasts for 2008, courtesy of Futurist Magazine.


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